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three paintings are hanging on the wall next to each other
a buddha statue with a metal hook in it's mouth
a drawing of people sitting on the ground in front of some deers and trees
there are many buddha statues on display in the room with red lighting and paintings behind them
a buddha statue with its eyes closed in front of an orange and blue background that has swirls
there are several signs hanging on the wall in this room, each with different colors
several pictures of people in different stages of life, including an image of a man and woman
a book with pictures of animals and birds on it's cover, which reads boedda's beestenboek
Cards, Holder, Card Holder, Place Card Holders
a poster with a buddha statue in front of it
a stone wall with carvings on it in front of a book shelf filled with books
an intricately carved wall with sculptures on it
an ancient statue is displayed in a museum
a painting on the wall depicts a woman with a sun above her head and birds around her
the painting depicts an elephant with a woman riding on it's back, and another figure
a sign describing the places in which there is no image on it
a golden buddha statue sitting on top of a red shelf
there are many vases on display in this museum case, and the wall is made of bricks
a statue in the middle of a room
De Buddha in Tropenmuseum