Nocturnal Animals: Bats!

Your Daily Batty Dose: Craft Edition! Create a night sky with this splatter bat project (be careful, this might get a little messy) Instructions below the cut. Submit your finished projects to.

Dit is zo leuk voor Halloween

Halloween Lanterns: Plastic cups, black magic marker, and LED tea-lights. Draw faces on the upside down cups, Add 2 or more tea-lights under each cup.

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30 Awesome Halloween Games for Kids

Another fun carnival game to add to the neighborhood party or parade! Try your luck tossing the ring on the witch's hat . this or the orange cones decorated like a witch's hat for ring toss - cute!

Winter Rain Watercolor resist More

The Best Winter Art Projects for Kids and Teens

Watercolor resist - lesson on water droplets and ripples - texture, color theory, shadow - how would droplets look striking pavement/water/leaves etc?

Feuilles d'automne

Feuilles d'automne (La classe de Luccia !)

Pastel leaf art (trace leaves and rule line before coloring) Feuilles d'automne

1611011_970269176378242_7015036249132570651_n.jpg 720×540 pixels

1611011_970269176378242_7015036249132570651_n.jpg 720×540 pixels

Herfstbladeren met vloeipapier en lamineer hoesjes

Kid Fall Craft: Beautiful Leaf Suncatchers

LOVE this craft! Fall color leaf sun-catchers that will brighten up your home while also being a fun craft for the kids. Stained glass sun catchers using a laminator machine or lamination sheets.

peindre autour d'une feuille d'automne                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

or do with an apple cutout! Could do multiple leaves and remove as I go. May be pretty neat!

Onderwijs en zo voort ........: 1603. Herfst komt eraan : De uil in de boom

owl in a tree? Create tree using half of a cardboard tube or by creating a fold in paper and gluing on to a backing sheet. Cut hole in 'tree' and insert owl or other inhabitant.

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Svi volimo origami, a ovo je jedna fantastična ideja kako možete brzo i lako…