Plak beweegoogjes op een vel papier en laat kinderen een (fantasie) dier of mens maken.

Letter M - Monster Drawings Wiggly Eye Drawing Starter. let them create the monster or animal of their choice.

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Recycling Plastic Detergent Bottles or Milk Jugs into Stunning Masks⭐⭐⭐màscara, reciclatge

looks like a very easy DIY project ~ and so clever!    This is a wonderful idea and would be a way to teach our children and grandchildren how to read  learn about the food they are about to eat.

Wedding Details: Creative Menu Ideas

menu napkin rings--in case I ever have a dinner party or a cute way to display the menu at your wedding!

Students got to paint their moon with a mixture of white paint and flour.  To complete the moon, they added "craters" using the lid of a water bottle!  So much fun and SO cute!

For Night Time theme ~ Read Happy Birthday Moon. Students paint the moon with a mixture of white paint and flour. Complete the moon by adding & using the lid of a water bottle.

Alberto Giacometti figurative sculptures and shadows

Super creative craft project for kids. Make aluminum foil sculptures and draw their shadows in the background. Tie to writing project. Videos of babies seeing shadows for first time

these are my favorite lesson!

Slinky Lizards: I did this project last year and the kids loved it. I like the legs on these lizards better- for if I ever teach elementary

Emet's room wall art --- clouds ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches in width and two hot air balloons measuring 5 x 6 inches and 4.5 x 5 inches.

Hot Air Balloon Wall Decal, Paper Wall Art, Wall Decor, 3D Wall Art

10 Best Diy Paper Wall Decor Ideas Superb Clouds and Hot Air Balloon Sculptures Enhancing the Wall of Your Child`s Bedroom If you have a passion for arts and crafts you will love this cool website!

how to make fun monster jaws from cereal boxes - easy kids craft activity

cereal box monster jaws

how to make fun monster jaws from cereal boxes - easy kids craft activity. for the slightly older kids

Upcycle your juice cartons

15 Bird Feeder Crafts

Juice Carton Crafts: Owl Bird Feeder How simple, cute and fun! Could EASILY be a art project for my educator friends.

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Elephant pen holder, magnet, made with paper clay or polymer clay (fimo or sculpey).