Provinces of Sweden

Provinces of Sweden - the vast majority of my Swedish ancestors are from Vasterbotten and what is marked as Lapland.

Scandinavian mammals :)  man i want to learn the swedish.

Ingela P. Arrhenius Posters

Baby Painting on wood - Ingela Arrhenius Scandinavian Mammals Poster By Omm Design

Free Printable Little Red Swedish Cottage (Stuga)

Mauther Papermau uploaded this image to 'house building'. See the album on Photobucket.

Sweden ~ Marit Bjornegran ~ Grandmother’s House

Grandmother’s House by Marit Bjornegran - GINA Gallery of International Naive Art

Fi-fi brin d'acier, que de souvenir de jeunesse !!!

Pippi Longstocking and her horse Lilla Gubben.loved Pippi and her horse when I was little!

Selma Lagerlöf 1858-1940,    Selma Lagerlöf, in full Selma Ottiliana Lovisa Lagerlöf (born Nov. 20, 1858, Mårbacka, Sweden—died March 16, 1940, Mårbacka), novelist who in 1909 became the first woman and also the first Swedish writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Selma Lagerlöf first female to win the Nobel prize and most widely known for her children's book Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige (The Wonderful Adventures of Nils). Selma Lagerlöf was herself active as a speaker for the Woman's Suffrage.