D V GF DF Universal Peeler. With straight blade for harder fruits and veggies and serrated blade for softer foods. Prep hummus and veggie zucchini rolls like a pro.

Breakfast Egg Boats ~ small buns or baguettes sliced and filled with cherry tomato, spinach, mushrooms, and cheese, then topped with an egg and baked in the oven ~ nutritious & easy brunch option

"Lunchtip: Salade Caprese [Lunchtip: Caprese Salad]" -- Recipe is in Dutch, but machine-translates well. I'm really liking the concept of adding toasted pine nuts to the more typical basic ingredients!

Oosters stoofpotje van scampis en groenten

Oosters stoofpotje van scampis en groenten

Tom yum or tom yam is a Lao and Thai clear, spicy and sour soup. Tom yum is widely served in neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore, and has been popularised around the world.

Yoghurt snack, gezond tussendoortje en verantwoord toetje. Super simpel om te maken en erg lekker! Met bosbessen, frambozen en amandelen.

Soepstengels met Serano ham in een glas serveren Bestrijk ongeveer de helft van de soepstengel met kruidenkaas en wikkel daar de rauwe ham omheen.