These are really stunning. I don't want the yard to go too saturated with color, but maybe contrasted against bright greens and whites or something, this works?

Delphiniums-blue flowers bring out the color vibrancy in a garden. These grow so beautiful and do very well in cold climates.

❄ Winter Wonderland ❄ PLEASE NOTE: this  image is a GIF - Animated Pin ❄ Please click on the play button to view ❄

I actually used to walk every day on a path like this from my apartment to my job in Sweden. In the winter, this was my morning walk. The snow never melted. It was bliss.

I love your hands your lips and how you smell i love your voice and the words you use i love the stories you tell me i love jokes and the questions you suggest i love your sentences and how you Live and you share my love poem

Pink poppies were added to the path that leads to our backyard...

One of my favorite flowers.POPPIES: Red, Pink, Orange & White Blooms Blooms May - June, lasting only a week or two Sear the stem's cut end with the flame of a match when using for an indoor arrangement

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