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Leaf: Self-Draining Soap Dish, makes a great gift to bring to one of your holiday parties this year.

Twitter | Google+ ______ This plump little bird was following me all the time while i was visiting a celtic cemetery in Ireland. The bird posed like a model. I took 14 horrible photos very blur (but this one). I have found in Google that it is called robin, a bird very common in Ireland. The diet is principally insects, worms... and my cheese sandwich. :o)

Weekly Meanderings

European Robin, Erithacus rubecula. Old World flycatcher. Have you ever seen…

A robin in winter, so cute!

The watcher by (ιмαgιиαяу) on 500px

English Robin. They liked to come around whenever we were gardening, hoping we'd turn up some bugs or worms for them.