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several women are sitting on the side of a ship and one is leaning against the wall
These 44 Photos From The Past Won’t Be In History Books — They’re That Messed Up
Soldier Life: they had to unwillingly leave their family and reluctantly tell them goodbye (in hopes to see them again).
an old bathtub in the middle of a room with moss growing on the floor
Jascha Urbex - Gallerij
Russian Hospital (PL) May 2014 abandoned sanatorium in Poland urbex decay Photo by: Jascha Hoste
an abandoned auditorium with broken seats and debris
After the Final Curtain
Liberty/Paramount Theatre, Youngstown, Ohio
an abandoned building with grass and water in the foreground is seen from across the room
30 Striking Photos Showing the Beauty of Urban Decay - The Photo Argus
Urban Decay Beauty
a bike is parked in an abandoned building
Wheelchair in asylum D
an old building with blue and gold paint on the ceiling, stairs leading up to a window
abandoned places | Photos of amazing abandoned places and ruins
a black and white photo of stairs in an old building
Isn't that beautiful? Can you imagine what it would have looked like. Oh the parties it saw the children that ran through the halls. And the servants whispers of secrets of the air
an old building with red stairs and graffiti on the walls
Bad Dreams ...
Staircase in an abandoned palace in Poland.
an old set of stairs with wrought iron railings
an old abandoned building with stairs and windows
Interesting picture, seems like an optical illusion.
an old run down room with peeling paint and ivy growing on the walls, stairs leading up to it
..they have been gone for a long time.
a very tall building with lots of windows and balconies on it's sides
20 Abandoned Places that will scare you
20 Abandoned Places that will scare you