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From original pin: Infinite Tea Art Print by WanderingBert / David Creighton-Pester

Stylization For American 50's-70's Posters by Shamil Ramazanov, via Behance

Stylization For American Posters by Shamil Ramazanov, via Behance

#Camaro #Tuning

My dads friend actualy has a collection of cars includeing camaros. Vocab:autopilet Can you buy Autopiolet Camaros? The article was about auto piolet camaros and how they will inprove the streets and not improve the streets.

Toyota FT-1 - Supra | HD Wallpaper with cars - JokerCars - super car

Toyota have presented at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, the impressive new Supra concept. Short for Future Toyota, the is one spectacular looking vehicle, it´s design is inspired by some of Toyota´s most iconic cars the Celica and th


I couldn't get over this - the 'bitch-please- guy is real! For those who are not familiar with American basketball this is Yao Ming - obviously a guy with a seriously cool sense of humor!