A Watermelon fruit basket makes a lovely display for your #udderlysmooth #perfect #picnic

watermelon bowl fruit salad grapes strawberries pineapple honeydew melon canteloupe for summer!


Ideias deliciosas e baratinhas para o Dia dos Namorados

Het is echt niet nodig om je koelkast naar buiten te slepen. Dit is ook nog eens hartstikke duurzaam!

Creative Ways To Serve Drinks

DYI: Beverage TUB: Great Ideas to serve drinks. Also can use plastic beverage tub which comes different colors or antique tub.small drinks or bottle water

Small vegetables garden for beginners. Abundant vegetable gardens start with healthy, rich soil.

Bouw herinneringen. Beschrijf een jenga-stukje

20 Unique and Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

DIY Jenga guestbook wedding idea or birthday! The sign "Build memories sign a jenga piece" was made from a wood board with decal letters.

Simpel om te maken met groots effect. Neem glazen potten, doe er bloemen in en hang ze met touw aan de boom.

No need for a florist! The women planted tulip bulbs in autumn and the flowers bloomed days before their wedding. Their cousins had the creative idea to hang mason jars filled with tulips around the area where the women had their ceremony.

Als ik naar deze versiering kijk, maakt dit mij heel dromerig en doet me denken aan een bruiloft en ik houd van bruiloften

Hanging balloons, put a marble inside before you blow it up ~~ MUCH cheaper than paper lanterns! Add a glow stick for spooky effect.black balloons would be better - w glow sticks

Hij blijft leuk...en it's easy!

Art Well, bust my britches! and I thought I was creative.check this out! Tuna Can+Clothespins+Small Votive candle. You could spray paint the clothespins too. creative-for-the-home

Wat een leuk idee! Met krijtbordverf!

Let's purchase wedding glasses for guests and make these to give as a favor gift? Yet another use of chalkpaint-I love this idea! Dip the stems in chalkboard paint.

Originele en kleurrijke bloemenvaasjes.

How-To: Make Your Own Mini Vase in Under 30 Seconds

diy flowers, vase, I love how simple this idea is! Glass to mini vase with a balloon. Great for perfect colored vases, protects tabletop, and easy to use lots of them in a color scheme for a party.