Printable Playdough Garden! Free printable accessories to make a playdough garden.

Printable Playdough Garden

Printable Play Dough Garden from Picklebums could print and laminate and theme to use with play dough


This farm playscape can be easily duplicated on a wooden coffee table. I like how it provides grass and dirt and also animals to act out dramatic play scenarios about farms.

Bouwtafel met gebruik van ondergronden groep 1-2

Great layout for construction and pretend play with small unit blocks and animals.

Coloring (Parable-Sower and the Seed)- Kids Korner - BibleWise, I like the large pictures of each seed and how each grew or didn't grow

For preschoolers: Print this and cut apart. Paste onto one side of a heart, and on the other side paste a pic of what the person might look like who has this type of heart (ie: one side is hard ground, other side pic of child with hands over ears).

leuk cadeau-ideetje vr de kinderen: boon kweken in cd-doosje

Growing bean plants in CD cases so all the parts can be seen. Have kids write about their finding and act out/ put together a dance describing the life cycle from seed to plant (Movement, writing, science)