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Feeling stressed? Try these 5 indoor plants

Plants are a great way to brighten a room and create a relaxed atmosphere. Read on to see five of our favourites. Published May 2016 Written by Andrea Kovszun Monstera delisiosa Philodendron

How To Shop (& Get a New Look at Home) Without Spending a Dime

How To Shop (& Get a New Look at Home) Without Spending a Dime

Bohemian Bedroom Design

45 Pictures of Bohemian Lifestyle

perfect for a small room for reading and relaxing! Especially if it had a skylight or a large window. this is an awesome loft bed with cute decor!

Casper Industrial Wooden Console

Casper Industrial Wooden Console - Urban Outfitters I'll need somewhere to put my record player and vinyls.

Whistles women: Jenny Nguyen-Barron

A bold and reliable banana-foliaged-like plant - wipe leaves with white oil to give the showroom look. It does love a bright position inside, and watch out for mealy bug infestation.

Strelitzia kamperlant groot

STYLE TIP - Tree Potting - Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicholai). Image from Adam Robinson Design's Casaba Waterloo White project

Als je dit niet gebruikt (HOE DAN?!), dan ziet niemand er iets van en is jouw bed nog steeds zo stylish als voorheen. Behalve dat al jouw vriendinnen giga jaloers zullen zijn, scheelt het ook heel veel ruimte! Kasten? Die zie je nergens in jouw kamer! Bron: Dielle

Even the tiniest rooms with inadequate existing closets can fit the average person’s belongings comfortably when they’re organized with a compact furniture set like the Container Bed by Italian manufacturer Dielle.