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a child is playing with some toys on the bed and it says diy sensory board
Activiteiten & sensomotorisch voelbord voor baby zelf maken -
a child's feet with pink and green pom - poms on the floor
DIY Games: Sensory Twister - The Inspired Treehouse
a white bean bag chair sitting on top of a floor next to a blue light
Essential Sensory Room Ideas for Autism - Spectrum Sense For Moms
a room with lights and decorations on the walls
Sensory Nooks and Quiet Spaces
the bottles are filled with different colored liquids and have cartoon characters painted on them
DIY Calm Down Sensory Bottles 101
a room with a bunch of lights on the wall and a cat laying in front of it
Tips for Creating a Sensory Room on a Budget
a man holding a child in front of a large glass vase with lights on it