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two sweaters with holes in them sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other
Consulta esta foto de Instagram de @hikaru_noguchi_design • 36 Me gusta
a gray sweater with colorful buttons on the front and back, sitting on a rug
D&G Portholes
Dolce & Gabbana Portholes - visiblemending
many different colored ties are on display in a store with lots of bookshelves
Welkom in de webshop van Stoffendienst. Hier vindt u het grootste en meest uitgebreide assortiment katoen & geplastificeerd katoen, dat regelmatig wordt aangevuld met nieuwe
a piece of cloth with blue and white designs on it sitting on top of a wooden table
This item is unavailable - Etsy
Japanese Boro Sashiko Slow Stitch mending patch Natural Indigo
someone is stitching on the back of a pink shirt
How-To: Reverse Appliqué
Reverse appliqué to mend holes in clothes. by wendy
an old pair of blue jeans with embroidered fish on the side and stars in the pocket
Pinterest-y patched jeans
The Hardest Job I'll Ever Love: Pinterest-y patched jeans
a gray sweater hanging on a wooden hanger
garment no.6
sashiko worthy : garment no.6
someone is stitching something on the back of a small bag with some thread in it
Visible mending for my mid-month mend
One of the things I've been looking forward to in my year of mending – let's face it, probably the only thing I've been looking forward to –...
the table is covered with black cloths and white stitching on them, which are arranged in squares
sashiko embroidery on denim
Jacque Davis sashiko embroidery on denim This sashiko is on recycled denim sample swatches. I draw the pattern on the back of the denim and I actually stitch the sashiko from the wrong side of the fabric. It works well, and stretch denim is surprisingly easy to stitch.
an old pair of jeans with torn fabric on it
LittlePrairieSparrow - Etsy
Echt een kunstwerk voor onze winkel
a close up of a piece of cloth with different designs on it
Boro style journal cover
a piece of cloth with red thread on it
Lovely idea for patching. Gloucestershire Resource Centre
two photos of someone's feet in ripped jeans
DIY Sashiko Denim Repair (Boro)
Boro is the age old Japanese art of mending textiles and is literally translated as rags or scraps of cloth. As far back as the 17th century, peasants, merchants and artisans would patch up clothing and quilts using scraps of old kimonos or hemp fabric, making the garment last long enough to be passed down through generations. Sashiko is a form of embroidery, usually a running stitch, and is literally translated to little stabs. It’s sturdy method makes is ideal for boro and perfect for mending