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Mountain tattoos represent hurdles in life that must be overcome. Usually, mountain tattoos are partnered with trees as in real life.

We all have dreams of tiny tattoos floating around in our heads. But only those of us that act upon those impulses truly understand the power a tiny tattoo possesses. A little bird, a simple heart, or perhaps a tiny elephant may not seem like the most exciting of tattoos but as anyone can tell you that’s owned one, they are equally as fantastic as their larger counterparts and all that without the pain, commitment, and expense that larger tattoos are often associated with. So whether you’ve…

(Photo: Anastasia Martynova) This crescent moon. (Photo: Nalea Kim) This unalome. (Photo: Steven Jessee) This minimalistic heart. (Photo: Tapz) This semicolon. (Photo: Jay Shin) This Roman sword. (Photo: Sarah Herzdame) This subtle ‘YOU.