Techniek 5: naden aan elkaar naaien de matrassteek - YouTube

Messy seams can spoil the look of your project, so it’s important to work a smooth, even seam. Mattress stitch is worked on the right side of the knitting, a.

Bunny with a Carrot. Taken from Knitted Rabbits by Val Pierce

A soft toy knitting pattern . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make rabbit plushie in under 120 minutes by knitting How To posted by Silwen. in the Yarncraft section Difficulty: Easy.

- Naaien: poppenhaar van breiwol. «

Part how to sew girls hair : pigtails I want to show you how I make doll’s hair out of knitting yarn. First you need to draw a line on your doll’s head, starting from her forehead al…

Breipatroon vriendjes konijn

Breipatroon vriendjes konijn