self portraits with jump ropes.  Jumpin into first grade! ---Lorraine:  Now this portrays enthusiasm!

self portraits with jump ropes - extend with self portraits doing favourite sport/actvivty

kindergarten self portraits art project LOVE the name as background!

If we get a transitional kindergarten: self portraits art project. Could modify for older kids by changing the text background to adjectives and words or sentences about the person.

Doodling builds brain connections — it’s great for you and your kids. Take doodling to the next level and try zentangles with your kids!

DIY Summer Art School: Zentangle Doodles

ZenTangle Steps for Kids DIY Summer Art School: Zentangle Doodles Make time for doodling.

this might be fun for the kiddos

Make one of these cool hand patterns. 27 Pointless Projects To Do When You're Bored At Work