Mooie Scandinavische badkamer van 5,25m2

Natural light is a major mood booster, not to mention a major selling point in any home. The warm kiss of sunlight indoors will make your space feel bigger, cozier, and way more put together than any dimly lit fluorescent light bulb ever could.

Familieliv & nordiske detaljer - ChriChri

Monochrome Scandinavian bathroom room with eye-catching tiles to break of the straight lines and add some personality.

Wat een leuke opbergmandjes, ook handig als wasmand of om gastendoekjes in op te bergen!

Storage baskets by Ferm Living. Use them in the bathroom, bedroom, or maybe in the kitchen. They are made of organic cotton and come with non-woven fusing paper inside. Complete with leather handles. To clean wipe with a damp cloth.

Wandplank voor nis (Lengte: Wandplank tot 50cm. Diepte tot 25cm. Materiaal: Eiken A/B-Bis Europees Classic, Afwerking: Hardwax Wit-transparant) Levertijd 2-3 weken. Olie of lak beschermt tegen vuil en vocht en geschikt voor keuken of badkamer. 107,50 per plank. Beugels van Lybra?

I don't really like the colour of the tiles, but I love the idea of an open closet in the bath room.

Pentillie Light Grey on Chalk Porcelain Tile

Pentillie Light Grey on Chalk Tile