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*NEW WORK* Just Finished by Ingrid Baars MUA Dierckx Vera Model: I worked with more then 1 model to construct this work.

Ingrid Baars, Bird, 2016, Rademakers Gallery

Available for sale from Rademakers Gallery, Ingrid Baars, Bird 150 × 113 cm

Ingrid Baars #bleaq #photography

In her on-going series 'L'Afrique!' Dutch artist Ingrid Baars creates portraits of enchanting Godesses inspired by traditional African art and culture.


Street artist Swoon aka Callie Curry was once just an art student searching for context. Ten years, later she is one of New York's most talented, prolific, and well-respected street artists.

Swoon... amazing artist

From April 11 through August The Brooklyn Museum in New York will feature the most recent works of the local artist Swoon. Her upcoming exhibition Swoon: Submerged Motherlands will include a monumental site-specific installation.