Een klein meisje met typisch nederlandse kleedij en tulpen

Tulip Festival Albany, NY- girl in Dutch costume, photo by Lori Van Buren, times union *pinning this just over the irony of dutch celebrating tulips after tulips caused their economy to crash in what is now dubbed the "Dutch Tulip Bubble" of 1637

We do not all walk on wooden shoes/klompen. Not anymore, some old men and farmers still do. The wooden shoes were used since the middle ages. The hard wood protects the feet. They used to put straw in it to keep the feet warm in the winter.

My Pop-pop had wood clogs from when he lived in Holland. Contiki Travelers Wearing Dutch Wood Clogs from Holland.

En natuurlijk Nederlandse kaas.

The Dutch, famous for their Gouda. The dutch cheeses are exported worldwide, which served the Dutch people the nickname, cheesehead. Not unfair, since almost every dutch person grew up with a slice of cheese on a slice of bread.

Infographic about the #Netherlands....Dutch page - De reizende ondernemer

Shown is an Infographic about the Netherlands. It contains basic information about the cities, provinces, and population of the Netherlands as well as popular modes of transportation.

1997 (the 15th tour) The tour, almost 200 km in length, follows a route along frozen canals, rivers and lakes visiting the eleven historic Frisian cities: Leeuwarden, Sneek, IJlst, Sloten, Stavoren, Hindeloopen, Workum, Bolsward, Harlingen, Franeker, Dokkum, then returning to Leeuwarden

De Elfstedentocht, Friesland, the Netherlands. Dutch skating, 200 km!

King Willem-Alexander pictured with daughters Princess Catharina-Amalia and Princess Alexia in 2008.

King Willem-Alexander pictured with daughters Princess Catharina-Amalia and Princess Alexia in

Groningen, Netherlands, 'Het Goudkantoor '

he Goudkantoor (English: Gold Office) is a building built in 1635 and located on Waagstraat near the Grote Markt (Main Square) in Groningen, Netherlands.

Leiden, vanaf het Galgewater met zicht op de Apothekersdijk. (The Netherlands-Holland).

Leiden, at Galgewater with view of the Apothekersdijk. (The Netherlands)