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Hack your power drill!

Cheaper multimeters can measure the voltage of mains, but we will suggest not to use the multimeter for that purpose as it might be difficult to change the fuse in a $2 multimeter. Other reason not to use is – if your fuse is blown away, probably it can not be replaced

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Automotive Ramps

Plywood lounger, source unknown

How to Make Your Own DIY Truck Ramps • WCXC

If you like to work on your truck at home, check out these fantastic DIY ramps I found on a Canadian Corvette site. They're made out of 2x6s (two next to each other for the top surface) with 2x12 s...

Portable Drill Press by stingraygs - Here is my homemade Fabricator's portable drill press. I fabricate a lot of equipment attachments for my BobCat and truck, most need large holes of 1/2" or larger drilled in steel. I've used mag drills but the weight and base size often made them awkward if not impossible to get into places I need to drill. I finally threw a portable clamp-on drill press together out of junk I had laying around.

How to Build a Screen Door - DIY Screen Door

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