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a white line drawing of a woman's body on a black background with the shape of a flower
Nud cu coc – Tablou sculptura in fir continuu de sarma
two pieces of bread with tomatoes and cheese on them, sitting on a white surface
Beach Bread
small cupcakes with chocolate frosting and strawberries
Pastry Cream Filled Fillo Shells
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate next to a casserole dish
Rainbow Veggie Lasagne | toot sweet
small pizzas with mushrooms on them sitting on a cutting board
Mushroom, Shallot and Herbed Goat Cheese Tarts – Spice and Stiletto
many small sandwiches with different toppings on them sitting on a cutting board next to flowers
Tomato Crostini with Pesto and Ricotta
rainbow veggies and chickpeas are the best ever pinwheels recipe
Rainbow Vegetables Pinwheels Recipe
This pinwheels recipe is the perfect finger food for your next gathering. Packed with rainbow colored veggies and chickpeas, not only are they nutritious but also super easy to make. Serve them up for the holidays, BBQ parties, game night, grilling party, birthday party or simply just pack them for lunch, they are always a hit. Try them yourself! #pinwheels #pinwheelsrecipe #pinwheelssandwich #hwotomakepinwheels #easypinwheelsrecipe #vegetarianpinwheels #rainbowpinwheels #tortillarollups #...
a person is placing dough on a baking sheet to bake them in the oven
I make 100 per minute! Puff pastry appetizer using the oven grill!
a wreath made out of fruits and vegetables on a wooden table with a cup of coffee
Wreath Charcuterie
the process of making an appetizer with spinach, cheese and pita bread
Pesto Tortilla Pinwheels Recipe - Home Cooking Memories
a person using a pair of scissor to cut dough into small balls with white icing
7 ingenious appetizer ideas that you must try today. Puff pastry is your salvation!