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Mobile Hacking with Android

Mobile Hacking with Android eBook: Nardi, Tom: Kindle Store

Top 100 Instgram Hashtags 2019

Make running a business easier by reading our NZ business blog! Aimed at startup to large NZ based businesses, it's a must read!

SocialBox - A Bruteforce Attack Framework (Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter)

SocialBox is a Bruteforce Attack Framework [ Facebook , Gmail, Instagram ,Twitter], Coded By Belahsan Ouerghi.

Artificial intelligence

Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in data security, data recovery and data care products. Today, we have 51 products for data security & recovery domain.

How To Hack Website Easily With BadMod Auto Exploit Tool

You want to deface a website but do not have any language programming skills? Don't worry. You can deface website easily using termux with BadMod tool Detect Website CMS, Website Scanner & Auto Exploiter.

Prodefence - Cyber Security Services | Malware & Pentesting

Cyber security services - Malware analysis - Penetration testing - Data protection

Ustealer - Ubuntu Stealer, Steal Ubuntu Information In Local PC

Ubuntu stealer, steal ubuntu information in local pc (nice with usb key) Require G++ sudo apt-get install g++ libsqlite3 sudo...

GyoiThon - A Growing Penetration Test Tool Using Machine Learning

GyoiThon is a growing penetration test tool using Machine Learning . GyoiThon identifies the software installed on web server (OS, M...

VSHG - Hardware resistance & enhanced security for GnuPG

VSHG aims to provide a memory / hardware resistant reinforcement to GnuPG's standared s2k key-derivation-function + a simplified inte...

How to Exploit Routers on an Unrooted Android Phone

RouterSploit is a powerful exploit framework similar to Metasploit, working to quickly identify and exploit common vulnerabilities in routers. And guess what. It can be run on most Android devices.

hack Gmail Password| Account Using Hydra on kali

Here is a small tutorial for those who are asking how to hack gmail account. So lets get into tutorial. Open Kali terminal and type. Also you can Manually get this way Kali Linux->Passwords Attacks->Online Attacks->Hydra Now when it opened select target tab, and then Single Target: Protocol: smtp Now in In passwords tab, select Username: Type Victim Email ID In the passwords, select the password list option and browse to select your (Note : your password list should contain…

DarkSpiritz - A Penetration Testing Framework For UNIX Systems

What is DarkSpiritz? Created by the SecTel Team it was a project of one of the owners to update and clean-up an older pentesting fram...

GodOfWar - Malicious Java WAR Builder With Built-In Payloads

A command-line tool to generate war payloads for penetration testing / red teaming purposes, written in ruby. Features Preexisting ...