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Pull up nets of 3d shapes
Print and use. Click on the link and download the printable
an advertisement for the coordinate grid candy game
Graphing on the Coordinate Grid-- Interactive Candy Style {Mid-Week Math Motivation}
a set of six black and white lined notebooks on top of eachother
10 Pack Graph Papers 8-1/2 x 11-3/4 Quadrille Pads 4x4 Blue Quad Rule Notebook Paper White Graph Paper Pad Double Sided Grid Paper Pad 8.5"x11.75" Square Paper Pads for School, Office - 50 Sheets/Pad
a man standing in front of a blackboard with writing on it and pointing to the side
How to Approximate Square Root of a Number
an open briefcase with some cards and numbers in it
Lesson Idea: Probability using Deal or No Deal
I Want to Teach Forever: Lesson Idea: Probability using Deal or No Deal
three tables with cups on them in front of a projector screen
No More Groans when they hear..."Review"
Test review game, giving students a chance to move around and double check their responses
a bulletin board with post it notes on it and the words math review game raffle ticket
Math Review Game "Raffle Ticket"
Math Review Game "Raffle Ticket" [Hoff Math]
four playing cards with the words how to teach permutions and combinations using magic tricks
Permutations and Combinations - Using Magic Card Tricks - Algebra 2