Miffy remained disappointed further by the state of postmodern art.

Nijntje ♥

Nijntje ♥RIP Dick Bruna thanks for all the joy you gave us all

Dick Bruna

Sometimes Miffy feels like a ship in the night

"Miffy", the dollar store Hello Kitty.

Miffy felt a touch of jealousy as she realised even amongst the ducks she still felt like the ugly odd one out.

Love Nijntje (Miffy)!

Nijntje on the Big Screen

Nijntje (Miffy in English) gets her own feature film. The production started this week. It is the first feature film about the famous bunny from Dick Bruna, the producer Warner Bros.

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Here at Delicious we love the work of Dutch illustrator, Dick Bruna , especially Miffy, one of the best-loved children's book characters of .