Hendrik Kerstens

Initially Kerstens' photographs were created out of the artist's desire to capture something of the fleeting moments that fade of childhood. The pictures recorded everyday events – his daughter's sunburn, the child's bath. However, one day there was a moment of revelation when Kerstens not only saw her in relation to the events of her own life, but also projected on her his interest in the Dutch painters of the seventeenth century.

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A photograph with the ghost of 17th century Dutch painters...Hendrik Kerstens, Aluminium, 2012

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I saw this piece by Hendrik Kerstens a few years ago at the NPG in London and I couldn't stop looking at it. I love the Dutch influence.

Photograph by Hendrik Kerstens. It looks like a painting by an old Dutch Master. It's really a photograph of a woman with a plastic bag on her head. Love it.

If It's Hip, It's Here: With His Daughter As Muse, Photographer Hendrik Kerstens Emulates Flemish Paintings.

Hendrik Kerstens photographs daughter Paula- posing, lighting and styling her in the manner of famous Flemish art but uses everyday objects as the fashions.

“Since 1995, Dutch photographer Hendrik Kerstens has been photographing his daughter, Paula. His photographs have been collected by museums around the world and have inspired taste-makers as diverse as Elton John and Alexander McQueen.”

Wow a photographer with painterly style Brilliant concept. Hendrik Kerstens Fashion Shoot – Spring 2013 Editorial Shot by Hendrik Kerstens - Harper's BAZAAR