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a person holding up a purple flower with yellow flowers on it's petals and the words congratulations written in spanish
Flor morada tejida 💜
Con nuestro curso “Flores Tejidas a Crochet” aprenderás desde cero a tejer hermosos bouquets de flores para regalar, decorar cualquier espacio, o vender y llevar tu emprendimiento a otro nivel con este hermoso arte 🌷🌻🌺🌼 creación de: canelatissue
white crocheted flowers hanging from a wall with green leaves and branches in the center
Vintage Creative Free Hand Crochet Decoration Flowers Pattern Flower Sample Design Fall Ideas
several pictures of white and yellow flowers being made from crocheted yarn, including the petals
a bonsai tree with pink flowers in a black pot on top of a wooden table
Mingle Doll’s Remarkable Handmade Bonsai Crocheted To Perfection, Plus Patterns To Make Make Your Own - KnitHacker