Beautiful, Bespectacled, Black-haired, Badass... Witch created by Hideki Kamiya and Mari Shimazaki.
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a figurine is displayed on a blue surface with a black and red outfit
Nendoroid Bayonetta
Nendoroid Bayonetta
Wiccan Tattoos, Inca Tattoo, American Indian Tattoos, Illustration Wallpaper, Ancient Symbols, Native American History, Lets Dance
Bayonetta by TUREwindwalker on DeviantArt
Bayonetta 3, Hideki Kamiya, Stuff And Thangs, Game Character Design, Devil May Cry, Fantasy Character Design, I Missed
LitoPerezito - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
a woman with glasses holding a cell phone to her ear and wearing a chain around her neck
Bayonetta Official Art, Bayonetta Drawing, Stanley Lau, Stanley Artgerm, Twitter Art, Artist Alley
Bayonetta by Artgerm |Stanley Lau *