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four red and white ornaments are hanging on a wooden table
a painted christmas tree on a black plate
a black and white clock with snowmen on it's face in the center
a white plate with red, blue and orange designs on it sitting on a wooden table
a white and red flowered basket sitting on top of a wooden table next to polka dots
a white plate with multicolored dots on it
Lekker dagje vrij
two plates with different designs on them next to a plate and paintbrushes in the shape of flowers
a white plate with green and yellow flowers on the rim is sitting on a table
four plates with christmas decorations on them
a white plate with pink and red designs on it
a hand holding a white and green plate with blue flowers on the rim, in front of a gray carpet
Lieve Lente • Dots
a white plate with blue and green designs on the front is sitting on a wooden table
Stippen rechthoek