Love This Wall!

I love the idea of a family photo wall. My Mema Katie had an entire wall in her house covered with at least four generations of family pictures.

Is it possible to fall so deeply in love with an innate decorative object like so? Well, I just did. Pictures stacked out of frame. Idea: photos falling out of frame. Life is not a picture perfect frame.

Auf dem Weg nach oben

Auf dem Weg nach oben

Die Bilder im Treppenhaus sind nun entlich am richtigen Platz.

Unser Miniflur II, Foto von craftifair #solebich #interior #interiordesign #altbauwohnung #altbau #oldbuilding

BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle

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Stair treads left bare wood, waxed, risers painted in stormy grey, clean line on the wall. Grey and wood.

:: PICTURE WALLS :: heart this one, been thinking about suspending frames on our ceiling and here it is a perfect visual of a more interesting installation

i got a mysterious email from Moriceau Mrzyk with a subject line saying "we love notcot!" and no body, just 4 images. of some incredible installations.

14 Inspirationen zur Neu- und Umgestaltung des Flurs


Make the Boys Wink with Blush Pink

I went for Annie Sloane's 'Antoinette' for our blush pink door, which worked out really well - well, I love it!