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Mathilde Kallesoe

Mathilde Kallesoe
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Start seeds in ice cream cones and plant in clever and biodegradable

start seeds in ice cream cones and plant in to clever and biodegradable. // Great idea, but my kids already like to eat dirt. Putting it in an ice cream cone is just asking for trouble.

How to make your own succulent terrarium & planter

Vertical Gardening Ideas Hanging Glass Terrarium Planter If you love succulents, display them in several glass orb terrariums. Potting the terrariums yourself gives you the freedom to pick many different types.

If only I had a good window to keep a few of these little joys in, then I would partake in herb gardening. Ahh the joys of condo living.

Decorated plant holder Take wooden clothes pins and clip to the sides of an empty tuna can. Leave it clear or spray paint it. Add some dirt and plant a flower/herbs or just add a tea light.