Math- it doesn't have to be as complicated as we currently teach it.

Wish I knew about this before…

math: Fun math trick and a visual representation of multiplication that actually makes sense and goes pretty quickly (aka students don't have to draw 25 groups of

cut open glow sticks and pour them out. They last longer if you have a lid on the jar.

Cjristmas Eve service-cut open glow sticks and pour them into water. They last longer if you have a lid on the jar.

smeer Vicks vapo rub op je voetzolen als je naar bed gaat en trek sokken aan; na 5 minuten stop je met hoesten en dat blijft zeker 8 uur zo!

**Quiet a Nighttime Cough** - Apply Vicks Vapo rub generously on the bottom of both feet at bedtime, then cover with socks. Even persistant, heavy, deep coughing will stop in about 5 minutes and will stay suppressed for up to 8 hours of relief.

The 46 Most Brilliant Life Hacks Every Human Being Needs To Make Life Easier

Use a leaf blower and some PVC pipe to clean a gutter without a ladder. Here Are 50 Genius Life Hacks That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Life Better

a tin of finished char cloth

How To Start a Fire with a Char Cloth