When to start seeds

What To Plant When & $5 Off Burpee Coupon

This handy little chart lets you know when to start seeds indoors as well as when to plant outdoor. Five things you will need if youre planting seeds for the first time -- GazetteXtra


Best DIY Projects: Become self-reliant! Instead of spending lots of money on pesticide laden, genetically modified veggies you can grow your own. The taste (and nutrition) of home grown food is far superior to the grocery store variety and your cost is al

Starting Seeds… with a 2-liter bottle! {diy greenhouse} TheFrugalGirls.com #gardening #seeds

Spring Craft Ideas Easy & Fun Spring Crafts and Projects are simple for kids and adults inspired by color and flowers. Spring Craft Ideas Easy & Fun Spring Crafts and Projects puts them in the mood .

Make Your Own Greenhouse, DIY Greenhouse from PVC and cattle panel

Make Your Own Greenhouse, DIY Greenhouse from PVC and cattle panel Could be used as a Chicken Coop/Yard as well

Please Share This Page: Please be sure to Join our email list and receive all our latest and best tutorials daily – free! Photo – ArtandAppetite.com I just discovered this gem of a post on the Art and Appetite blog and quickly wrote to them for permission to share their image, which they kindly gave. …

Both beginning and experienced gardeners love raised garden beds. Here are 30 cool ideas for raised garden beds, from the practical to the extraordinary. 30 Raised Garden Bed Ideas via

Secret Veggie Garden

Secret Veggie Garden - maybe with a boxwood hedge on the outside. I like the idea of the garden being in a fenced area. It's another room in your outdoor space.

Veggie cheat sheet w calendar and companion planting guide.

Become a vegetable growing pro in no time with this handy cheat sheet. A Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet - infographic (UK)

DIY Project - Plant a compact vegetable garden #diy #squarefootgarden #dan330 http://livedan330.com/2015/01/18/diy-compact-vegetable-garden/

DIY Compact Vegetable Garden

DIY Compact Vegetable Garden Are you a little tight for space? Have you considered square foot gardening? With this project you can address both of these issues. For the original post and direction… YOUR GARDEN ART PROJECT IS WAITING FOR YOU.

Komkommers houden van warmte, sla van schaduw. #combineren #ideetje van Intratuin #moestuin

Cucumbers like it hot ~~ Lettuce likes it cool and shady. But with a trellis, they're perfect companions! Use a slanted trellis to grow your cucumbers and you’ll enjoy loads of straight, unblemished fruit. Plant lettuce, mesclun, or spinach in the shady a


Great photo guide to making your own mini greenhouse using cattle panels. This is similar to my hubby's hoop greenhouse


Why You Should Braid Your Onions Like a Pioneer Woman

Have you heard of braiding onions? It's sort of like French braiding hair: take a dozen or so onions that still have their stalks attached, and, starting with t