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Bioluminescent Glow in the Dark Mushroom Habitat Kit - WITH LOG!-Glow-in-the-dark Habitat Kit for Terrariums and vivariums For millennium, people have referred to it as Foxfire, Cold Fire, Will-o'-the-Wisp or Faerie Fire, Your Glow-in-the-dark M

Bioluminescent Fungi

Glow-in-the Dark Mushroom Habitat Kit. Glow-in-the-dark Habitat Kit. Now YOU can grow Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms at home in your terrarium, vivariums, or backyard on a real log with this simple mushroom growing kit.

Bioluminescent fungus/mushrooms

Foxfire, also sometimes called "fairy fire", is the bioluminescence created by some species of fungi present in decaying wood. The bluish-green glow is attributed to luciferase, an oxidative enzyme, which emits light as it reacts with luciferin.

Top 10 Bioluminescent, Glowing Animal & Organism Pictures | Top 10 Pictures

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Energy through photosynthesis, through leaf technology

Photo-micrograph of leaf cells of the moss Plagiomnium affine [ Family: Mniaceae ]. Numerous chloroplasts in each cell are clearly visible under the microscope. Click through for amazing science lesson!