Shipping Container Homes

Shipping Container Home

Fabricated from a one shipping container, the Shipping Container All Terrain Cabin (ATC) by BARK allows a family of four people to live on or off the grid.

Circles water garden

Chelsea Flower Show The Royal Bank of Canada 'New Wild Garden' by Nigel Dunnett: Love the raised copper water feature and the flagstones with plants inbetween.


Sauna Box This tradtional wood-burning sauna is built into shipping container. The suana box is completely self-sufficient, with solar power and a wood-fired stove. The box comes standad with ipod.

Water bowls using old satellite dishes

60cm Steel Water Bowl/Garden Water Feature/Dish/Metallic Grey

Grillagh Water House by Patrick Bradley is made up of four stacked shipping containers.

The Grillagh Water House by Patrick Bradley Architects has a unique exterior. The black, rusted and perforated metal exteriors on the Grillagh Water House