Pretty platinum the side swept bangs. In my opinion, the more flawless the face, the easier to pull off this extreme color of Blonde! *would be pretty cut at the collar bone too...

If i go completely gray, I am going this blonde! Update Long Hair with a side bang to create a sweeping feel. That color. I haven't been blonde in forever. That's gorgeous

oh i love scene hair

This is a cute hairstyle. I'm really debating doing bangs again. I don't like my forehead without at least some bangs


Love the cute soft bow with the edgy emo/scene style hair M Misfit

Luv it! I want this hair, once my hair grows back out, I'll get it for 7th grade!

love love love her bangs. don't care if it's considered "scene" they're absolutely freaking adorable. And the color

cute cut-missing my long hair hard core lately.

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oohh nice color!

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Cool kapsel misschien nog 1x lang.....

I like that this is called hipster hair, but I cut my hair like this back in h. before the whole hipster craze lol(Thin Hair Cuts)