Body outlines in the block center

Body outlines in the block center - great science & math connection (count the # of blocks needed) Perimeter.


Cloud & rainbow craft for kids. Could use smaller plates with ribbon for mini rainbows

Johnny Appleseed Apple Printing Project

Johnny Appleseed Apple Printing Project- this would be a great way of printing cute apple greetings cards.

PUTPUT ~ sponge popsicles! thema zomer

Ice-cream sponge :: kitchen happiness that would make me smile. stocking stuffer idea for your bffs, bridal shower gift ideas.

Laarzen versieren: Een eenvoudig peuter/kleuterwerkje. Print een kleurplaat van laarzen uit op stevig gekleurd papier. Laat ze beplakken van plakkertjes ( ponsapparaatjes) en behangplaksel.

British Columbia Kindergarten Social Studies This isn't it (the link) - want to use the boot to discuss clothing for mucky places -- get into mud and describing what it is like; preferences in playing in mud or not.experiences with mud on farms?

Bootjes maken

The directions are in another language but the picture spells it out for you.

knutselen / Oef, wat warm / Thema's Puk |

knutselen / Oef, wat warm / Thema's Puk |