Oh, this face.

Just in case you haven't smiled yet today

Pupy Training Treats - Eye Makeup - Just in case you haven't smiled yet today ❤️ what a cutie! - Ten Different Ways of Eye Makeup - How to train a puppy?

book art

Paper book art , Maybe some sort of paper cutting.we could have them bring in old books (or we find some) and do some sort of paper sculpture. ( i realize a LOT of my posts are with paper so far. Just throwing ideas at you ;

Lone #Wolf

Funny pictures about Wolf howling in the cold. Oh, and cool pics about Wolf howling in the cold. Also, Wolf howling in the cold photos.

LiekEric - White wood village

LiekEric - White wood village This reminds me of how the elf homes are described.

3D street art — alternatively known as pavement, chalk or sidewalk art — is a form of anamorphic art pioneered by American Kurt Wenner

The Incredible World Of 3D Street Art

Two sides to a portrait…This hurts my brain

Two sides to a portrait…

Which of these two double-headed illusions do you think is best? Vote your choice by commenting below. In each image, which face did you see first? Face forward or face to the side?

nativewolveshere: Fingers of Nature

skiretehfox: downrightpawnch: sixpenceee: This amazing sculpture is called The Caring Hand and is located in Glarus, Switzerland. its a palm tree I hate you

liviamarin_334223423423_large.jpg (1000×682)

'Nomad Patterns' Ceramic, resin, plaster, transfer-print by Livia Marin - London, UK artist