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Whatever you want but I just shared:)

Whatever you want but I just shared:) i also lile black veil brides (at the bottom) but i love one direction

Oops! Haha oh well

Whoops my finger slipped.Ya know with this mobile version you can pin something accidentally pretty easily lol whoops


If you see or hear signs or symptoms of child abuse report it right away. Approximately 5 children die everyday form abuse. You never know if it will be too late. Do the right thing and stand up for these helpless victims.

"That thing coming up that you were dreading" reposting so maybe it won't be so bad LOL

I hope you have a great day everyday. I hope your crush asks you out. I hope you feel better. I hope your celebrity crush notices you soon. I hope you meet them. I hope that anything you want to happen, happens :). Keep passing the good karma.

It gets really easy!

"This message serves to prove how our minds can do amazing things! In the beginning it was hard but now, on this line your mind is reading automatically with out even thinking about it. Be proud! Only certain people can read this.