Parmesan cups - one ingredient, four simple steps, virtually impossible to screw up. I'm sure you could make these on an inverted muffin tin. Accent pieces for Cesar salad

Concombre farci à la feta & olives - Alter Gusto

Concombre farci à la feta & olives -

Cucumber stuffed with Feta, basil and olives. Concombre farci à la feta & olives - Alter Gusto

Fig & Chevre Canapes. Yum! How to make it veggie/ pescatarian friendly....

Fig, Prosciutto, Honey & Chevre Canapes - if you REALLY want to impress, this will do it. It is a nice item to pair with skillet/one pot dish so you can share a dinner with your friends.

I like the look of these.  Circles are more fun than rectangle sandwiches.  I think I'll use dill instead of chives and cream cheese instead of butter.

Cucumber & Chive Butter Tea Sandwich

Replace butter w cream cheese maybe? Tea Sandwich: Cucumber & Chive Butter = afternoon tea Vitelli Vitelli Walsh - Step by step cucumber sandwiches.

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