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some people are sitting around a table and one is holding a cell phone in his hand
LooooooL poor Yongguk | B.A.P BangHim Himchan
an article about the family's love for each other
This is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe Daehyun said this #bap #bapfunny #funnybap #yongguk #Daehyun #jungdaehyun #kpop #babyz #kpopfunny #funnykpop
some people are talking to each other and one is holding a microphone in his hand
#bap#funny#kpop#himchan#daehyun Korean Things, Kpop Kdrama, Pop Memes, Kpop Boys
a man holding a stuffed animal in the back seat of a car with another person behind him
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How is Bang Yongguk scary when he says stuff like this?
a man standing in front of a graffiti covered wall
Jongup - B.A.P
two girls performing on stage with their hands in the air
Jongup and Zelo
two pictures with the same person in different outfits, and one has an arrow pointing to them
Meme Center | allkpop
Chen just got one-up'd
a woman spray painting graffiti on a brick wall with a can of soda in her hand
b.a.p Zelo in NYC With Graffiti Masters :D
a person wearing a hat and covering his face with a mask over their mouth,
-it's B.A.P!-
a man is holding something in his hand while walking down the street
-it's B.A.P!-
a man in black jacket standing next to a blue background with the word cjh on it
Choi Jun Hong
a man in black leather jacket standing on stage with his hands behind his back and the words ujm above him
Moon Jong Up
Jung Dae Hyun
Jung Dae Hyun