bellanes-in-archeld: should-be-sleeping: earthlynation: Male Anna’s Hummingbird. Photo by Thy Bun Who is Anna and how does she get all these hummingbirds to herself?

Reminds me of my childhood.  We stayed on the family farm sometime where peacocks ran wild.  Such beautiful birds.  Grandma always made neat crafts with feathers they'd leave around the place.

Peacock Pride by Angelina Vick - Peacock Pride Photograph - Peacock Pride Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

~~Intensity ~ Bald Eagle ~ Dutch Harbor, Alaska by lanebrain photography~~

~~Intensity ~ Bald Eagle ~ Dutch Harbor, Alaska by lanebrain photography~~. //Look at those amazing eyes, beautiful EL//

Lilac breasted roller bird

Lilac breasted roller bird, unbelievable colors that have been brought together to make this beautiful little bird.

African Sea Eagle

African Sea Eagle/African Fish Eagle - national bird of Zimbabwe. His feathers are so fluffy they almost look like they could be fur instead. Such a beautiful bird ♡

Amazing Harpy Eagle in his magnificent cape & crown of justice

~~Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) by luismanati~~ What an amazing creature!

The white raven

32 Gorgeous Albino Animals

Funny pictures about An Albino Raven. Oh, and cool pics about An Albino Raven. Also, An Albino Raven.

Toruk the harpy #eagle - Early South American explorers named these great birds after Harpyja, the predatory half-woman, half-bird monster of Greek #mythology.

Toruk, a male harpy eagle, held an impressive pose for guests to San Diego zoo. Harpy eagles have exce less than 1 inch away.