Creatieve M&M's

dont like the top so much but I like the idea of MMs spilling out and down the side-----agree! My uncle love mms so maybe when he's here next I'll make him it!

Schaape feest

Different version of sheep cupcakes- soooooooo cute! (make with chocolate cake mix instead - much cuter)

hapje pannenkoeken en aardbeien op een stokje - via

This is a nice idea (especially that you use crepes and roll them rather than american pancakes)

Vissen cupcakes met marsepein en smarties

Vissen cupcakes met fondant of botercrème en smarties (uitgewerkt)

Super Easy Twix Pound Cake

This super easy Twix Pound Cake is a quick dessert that only takes 4 ingredients! Actualy I don't like twix, but it looks soooo good!