kirsten nolles

kirsten nolles

kirsten nolles
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Zomer ideetje: Heel veel lol voor heel weinig geld.. mini waterzakken voor de kids!

I love these mini water blobs. Not only are they (fairly) simple to make, they are super easy to REPAIR, meaning if they get nicked by a dog's nail, they patch right up. What a nice way to help keep your pup cool in the summer!

Laat de kinderen lekker spelen met water! SUPERKOELE zelfmaak sprinklers waar de kinderen veel plezier aan gaan beleven!

Make your own sprinkler for this summer. Use duck tape to attach to hose and just stab holes into a 2 liter bottle. makes so much more sense than those cheap sprinklers that break after a week& use!

a super quick garden tent for the kids

Clothesline tent combo // String a rope in your backyard. let the kids bring out a bedsheet & drape it over. weigh it down on the edges. Sprawl out a blanket. let them have their very own pincic & day play camp out!