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Meindert Manshanden
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Quad's Vintage Hi-Fi Components : 33 Pre- .....................Please save this pin. .............................. Because for vintage collectibles - Click on the following link!.. amplifier and FM3 Tuner

I never really appreciated the aesthetic of these early Quad components, at the time, but they are quite beautifully crafted as a design, at audio, visual and haptic level.

I'm not sure if I could tell the difference between the sound of tube amps and solid state amps, but there's something kind of magical about how the tubes glow.

If you think all high-end products are stupid expensive or mammoth monstrosities, the MiniWatt vacuum tube integrated amplifier should change your mind.

Sony ES Components by mastercontrolmedia, via Flickr

Tuner DAT, Pre-Amp, CD-Player, Cassette deck, Main Amp Would be drooling all over those when I was a kid

vintage Marantz stereo equipment..doesn't seem like it was so long ago..

vintage Marantz stereo, like the one we had at home, except the tuner was a Sony unit, not Marantz.