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Markiplier Animated | Yandere Simulator - YouTube

Mark dons a girl's uniform and infiltrates a Japanese high school in hopes of getting Senpai to notice him. Senpai does indeed notice him, but so does everyb.

Am yandere-Chan: GET BACK HER YOU (am talking to my friend) Senpai:Fk this sh!t am out

Web you are trying to summon a demon in the occult club and someone decides to go run the f away

NAWWWW SO CUTEE even though i don't ship it I'm really starting to question it!

When Juvia says she doesn't know if she can keep loving Gray after what she did to his father and this is how he responds. Juvia and Gray (Gruvia).

Fairy Tail Gajeel is the best part of all of these.

) I swear she better stay away from natsu because NALU is forever Lucy belongs with natsu (I don't hate her at all I actually like her but I ship nalu)