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a person is holding keys and writing on a piece of paper with the words diy key fob
DIY Key Fob- with a zipper compartment - A Little Craft In Your Day
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an anime character holding something in his hand
Презики еее бооой
some anime characters standing together in front of a christmas tree with snowflakes on it
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a woman with long hair standing in front of butterflies
X. It’s what’s happening
Why can't there be more art of JUST MC?
an anime poster with two women and one man standing in front of the camera,
Anime:The World is Still Beautiful Genre:Romance,Comedy,Fantasy Story:The Sun King conquered the world in 3 years and the Sun Kingdom where he lives never rains and is always sunny.The Sun King grew tired of the sun so he asked for someone in the Principality of Rain,a place where people can control the wind and rain,to marry him and make it rain.Nike was chosen so she travels to the Sun Kingdom to marry him,but when she meets him she discovers that he is only a child. Age Recommended:14+
an anime character with headphones on sitting in front of a window and looking at the camera
two people sitting at a table with cakes and cupcakes in front of them
the last day of school is over
Omg so relatable
the two sides of fangling text reads, why can't i just marry me?
that eyes '_'.....what the hell? xD
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an anime character with red hair and green eyes