LEGO Star Wars Abbey Road Kids' Tee

ThinkGeek :: LEGO Star Wars Abbey Road Kids' Tee -- disappointed it's not in my size

A LEGO Catbus That Works, Inspired by the Film ‘My Neighbor Totoro’

A LEGO Catbus That Works, Inspired by the Film 'My Neighbor Totoro'

What's better than a LEGO Catbus? A LEGO Catbus with moving legs and tail, and bobbing head as it moves! If you love Hayao Miyazaki's 1988 masterpiece My Neighbor Totoro, you'd dig this LEGO Catbus by Tomoyuki Wakata.

Star Wars LEGO in the style of MC Escher #epic

Paul Vermeesch created this awesome LEGO Star Wars sculptural rendition of M. Escher’s famous Relativity lithograph. Entitled Star Wars Relativity the gravity-defying diorama measures x x.

The Cult of LEGO, A Coffee Table Book For LEGO Fans

the cult of lego - john baichtal & joe meno, 2011

Lego for adults

Now this is truly Lego for adults. The arched backs and suggestive poses of these pixelated Lego sculptures of realistic female forms — virtually all nude except for stilettos and g-strings — give the innocuous building blocks a decidedly adult spin. #lego #legos

LEGO Bird Series by DeTomaso

Thomas Poulsom – Bristol artist, who builds from LEGO figures of birds. He created a series of 6 popular birds, living in the UK, built entirely from LEGO parts. Poulsom now has the opportunity to

LEGO Bento Box

LEGO Bento Box

Inspired by the lunches her mother made for her as a child, London-based Sumiko Sarashima (aka 'A Japanese housewife'), made this special LEGO bento box fo

Lego Anti-War Ad | The Very Best Ads From The “Mad Men” Era

Vintage Lego Ad: "PEACE: There is, in this nervous world, one toy that does not shoot or go boom or rat-tat-tat-tat. Its name is Lego. It makes things.

Lego art by Nathan Sawaya

Incredible LEGO Artwork by Nathan Sawaya – Circle Triangle Square

Robotic Lego Band Jam Together For First Time

Toa Mata Band - electronic band of toys-robot that play some tiny music instruments

LEGO Builders of Sound... ZAZ

Builders of Sound - Eine überdimensionale Lego® Drehorgel für Star Wars™

Legolize it.

Legolize Marijuana

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LEGO Creator Volkswagen Camper Van 10220 - wow I want one for myself let alone the kids!