Merove van der Pas

Merove van der Pas

Merove van der Pas
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Choi Xoo Ang’s Disturbing, Anatomical Sculptures | Hi-Fructose Magazine

Dark master of the Imagination Xooang Choi If you are of the squeamish sort, look away now. Choi Xoo Ang, the Seoul born artist and dark master of the imagination, has created sculptures at once.

Coffee, thread, pencil, ink

Lovely anatomical art by Lynz Mayfield Rupture - Coffee, Pencil, Ink, Thread. Idea of flowers and elements sewn in shape of skeleton?

Marlène Dumas: Thanks to my ex - Dutch partner ollector: Jansen, I became too familiar with Duma's art.

Marlene Dumas is a British artist. She draws and paints portraits of people. Instead of depicting exactly how they look like. She makes her work look psychological to be interpreted in many ways.