Eternity Hoop Earring Silver

Anna Nooshin Single Eternity Hoop Earring Goldplated or Gold

Anna Nooshin Eternity Necklace Silver

Anna Nooshin Single Eternity Drop Chain Earring Goldplated or Gold

Multi Ring Necklace Silver

Yet another very lucky find at a trade show. Made in Bali and designed by a pair of fashionistas from Amsterdam, this is super well priced and super lovely. Our buy focuses on a series of delicate gold and silver.

Multi Ring Earring Silver

The very sleek multi ring earring consists of 10 small rings placed loosely on the ring itself. ● 925 Sterling Silver - Goldplated ● Diameter Earring - With 10 Tiny Rings ● Sold In Pairs ● Handmade

Twig Ring Silver

You can get enough of these rings!

Small Coin Necklace Silver

This subtle necklace has a coin loosely hanging from a tiny ring.

Twig Coin Earring Silver

Twig Coin Earring Silver